Monday, 27 February 2012

Movies Review: Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

Movies Review: Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya: The movie, directed by Mandeep Kumar, is a romantic-comedy movie and makes you leave the hall with a smile on your face.

It is mostly said that real-life couples can't make do magic in their movies, but a good story backed by nice acting and chemistry can do anything. Riteish and Genelia acted together in TUJHE MERI KASAM, MASTI and then TNLHG. Both acted great in the movie with Genelia allowed to act freely in the movie and always performs best in these kind of roles. The movie slows down in the middle of the second hour, but  comes alive after some time.

The story revolves around Viren (Riteish) and Mini (Genelia). Mini's father wants her to get married. Viren due to some misunderstanding feels that Bhatti (Mini's father) took his hard-earned money. During Mini's engagement, Viren appears drunk and Mini seizies the opportunity and made her kidnap herself and flees with Viren, making look as if Viren has kidnapped Mini. Then a romance starts developing between the couple.

Movie has some illogical humor, like AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI has, but it keeps audience involved in the movie. The songs in the movie are nice to listen and are peppy and energetic.

Riteish's acting is nice and plays his role beautifully. Genelia, as usual is a livewire with her natural and cool comic timing. Riteish and Genelia together made the movie more appealing. Om Puri's role as Viren's Dad is remarkable and Smita Jaykar also plays her role nicely. Veena Malik's number was not so good.

On the whole, TNLHG is a cool rom-com with refreshing performances by Riteish and Genelia, but slows down sumwhere for about 5-10 min after second half.

Overall Rating: 3+ out of 5

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