Saturday, 26 January 2013

Movies Review: Race 2

Movies Review: Race 2: As everyone knows, Race 2 is a sequel to Race movie, so the story is strongly connected with the 1st part. The movie has cool action sequences, hot romance with suspense and twists. The story is smartly packaged with good narrative style.

Race 2 has mostly same type of suspense that was in the 1st part. So the person who has seen the first part can make some wild guesses about the suspense. However, some scenes and situations were inspired by Hollywood movies.

John (Armaan Malik) plays a rich person role with a street fighter history, who is known as casino king with step-sister Elena (Deepika Padukone) as a partner in the business. Armaan's girl friend is Omisha (Jacqueline Fernandez). Ranvir Singh (Saif) partners Armaan on a heist with the help of RD (Anil Kapoor). The twist comes when Ranvir discloses that he is partnering Armaan to take revenge for the death of his lover Sonia (Bipasha Basu) in the first part.

Saif Ali Khan plays a good bad guy in the movie. John Abraham replaced Akshaye Khanna as villain and left strong influence on everyone. Jacqueline Fernandes tries to replace Katrina Kaif in the movie and has been successful to some point also. Deepika Padukone replaced Bipasha Basu, but her role has been underrated in this sequel.

The action scenes by Saif in the movie can be compared with the action sequences by some superhero. Suspense and twists of Race and Race 2 are same to some point. The ending of the movie depicts that John will also be seen in the third part of the movie.

On the whole, Race 2 is a cool suspense movie, although the suspense quotient is guessable sometimes. However, the nice narration of the movie will keep you involved in the movie. Bollywood Paradise gives Race 2 - 3.2 stars out of 5.

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