Friday, 30 November 2012

Movies Review: Talaash

Movies Review: Talaash: Talaash is a simple suspense film without an edge-of-the-seat experience.

The movie starts with a car accident leading to the death of a famous film actor. A random road accident takes the shape of a murder mystery with Inspector Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) investigating the case. Shekhawat is unhappy in his personal life and holds himself responsible for the death of his 8-year old son, which results in a strained relationship with his wife (Rani Mukherji). Then he meets Rosy (Kareena Kapoor), a sex worker who helps him in his case.

The movie revolves around two fundamental tracks - Shekhawat's accident investigation and his personal exploration due to death of his son. One expects the two tracks to correlate with each other right from the start to make it one whole story, but they stay independent of each other till the end.

There is no stylized action with no item numbers in the movie. In the second half, there is a bonding track between Aamir and Kareena which makes audience feel where the film is heading towards.

Aamir Khan acts brilliant with his professional and personal roles. On the one side, he is strong with commanding cops at work, and on the other he is a vulnerable man at home. Rani Mukherji also acts good in her role of a woman who has come out of a personal tragedy. Kareena Kapoor looks appealing, but she seems to be in the Chameli character hangover. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is perfect in his role and Rajkumar Yadav as subordinate to Aamir also impresses.

The identity of the accident suspect can be guessed by the audience, so there is a lack of big suspense in the movie. The sense of suspense seems suspended from the movie.

There are some mystery and suspense elements in the movie, which makes the movie a one-time watch. But if you are looking to watch a finest suspense thriller, you will be surely be disappointed with Talaash. On the whole, Bollywood Paradise gives Talaash 3.2+ stars out of 5.

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