Saturday, 21 April 2012

Movies Review: Vicky Donor

Movies Review: Vicky Donor: The movie not only revolves around the theme of the sperm donation, but is a family entertainer also as there is no visual or verbal vulgarity in the movie.

Vicky Arora (Ayushmann Khurana) is a jobless Delhi boy with no father. He is pushed by Dr Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor), an infertility clinic owner to donate sperm. After much resistance, Vicky finally agrees for some money and starts making good money out of this. He also marries his love Ashima, a divorcee (Yaami Gautam). However, when she comes to know about his sperm donations, she leaves him. But she comes back after Dr Chaddha made her feel that sperm donation is not a wrong act and helps childless parents.

The romance in the movie is refreshing with strong chemistry between the couple. The movie takes a turn, when it was showed that Vicky's fervent fertility is of no use as his wife can't get pregnant.

Ayushmann Khurana and Annu Kapoor acted brilliantly in their roles. Vicky's acting seems so natural that it never looked he is trying to over act. Ayushmann has really the strong potential in Bollywood. Yaami Gautam is also ravishing and her beauty adds charm in her performance. Annu Kapoor's dialogues incites most laughs. Dolly Ahluwalia (Vicky's mother) acting as Punjabi mother is superlative. Kamlesh Gill (Vicky's modern grandma) is a surprise package with her humorous dialogues, asking for latest iphones and LED TVs.

The movie can be called a love story with sperm donation act or a sperm donation movie with a love story.

The movie is full of strong comedy in the first half with emotional quotient added in the second half. It will never leave you bored for even a minute as the movie's duration is just 2 hours. The dialogues adds to strong humor quotient. Final Rating: 3.4 out of 5.

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