Saturday, 8 September 2012

Movies Review: Raaz 3

Movies Review: Raaz 3: The movie is about hatred and jealousy between the two actresses, which forces one to use black magic over the other to gain stardom back in the industry.

Shanaya (Bipasha Basu) is a top actress who is falling slowly off the heights of stardom, while new aspirant Sanjana (Esha Gupta) is taking her position and winning awards. To save her career, self-obsessed Shanaya is ready to do anything. She loses god-faith and risks her love director boyfriend Aditya (Emraan Hashmi). She uses Kali Vidya (black magic), tantra-mantra, and seduces her boyfriend to partner-in-crime. Sanjana then starts getting haunted by spells of black magic, and loses her mind and heart. After watching Sanjana passing through such horrors, Aditya leaves Shanaya and starts helping Sanjana to gain freedom from black magic.

The storyline of the movie is fairly simple. The director Vikram Bhatt uses horror show scenes in 3D, with elements like the usual fog, kabrastans to make audience involved in the movie. The music of the movie is not like a regular Bhatts camp movie, which always remain on the top of the chart.

Bipasha looks scarily amazing in her role. This role is best suited for her. Emraan shows different shades in the movie and acts fine in the movie. Esha Gupta attracts the audience again after Jannat-2 movie with her strong emotional scenes.

On the whole, Raaz-3 is a entertaining movie with some strong horror scenes in the first half, while the second half of the movie is much focused on the story line up. If you want to enjoy horror scenes, go and watch movie in 3D. The movie is a one-time watch. TRP gives Raaz-3, 3+ stars out of 5!

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