Sunday, 22 July 2012

Movies Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Movies Review: The Dark Knight Rises: Christopher Nolan's third movie in the series has again won the hearts of millions of fans.

The movie keeps audience fixed to their seats through the entire run of this 2 hours 45 minutes dark action thriller. Right from the first movie in the series, ‘Batman Begins’ to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, the director is only improving and becoming more experienced in entertaining audience. However, Joker of ‘The Dark Knight’, played by late Heath Ledger won hearts of many persons than Batman played by Christian Bale. But this time, we have even more dangerous adversary in the form of Bane (Tom Hardy) who is intelligent as well as much more strong than our hero.

The story starts eight years after the death of Harvey Dent. Police Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) is convinced that crime has been curbed after Dent’s death. But on the other side, Bane is planning to bring Gotham city down to hell. This challenges Batman to come out of his shell again.

The film also has the ‘Catwoman’ (Anne Hathway), who lures batman to his most powerful opponent who in a fight overpowers Batman and breaks his back and dump him to rot. Batman has not only to save his city but to fight against his own self.

The movie has a strong climax with a big suspense in the end about the main person behind all the plans to bring Gotham down. The movie will keep you involved throughout. It has strong action scenes and great climax. The Dark Knight Rises is a must watch movie, but do watch its previous part "The Dark Knight" before going for this part. TRP gives The Dark Knight Rises 4.2+ stars out of 5!

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