Saturday, 16 June 2012

Movies Review: Shanghai

Movies Review: Shanghai: Shanghai is a story of current situation in India, where govt wants to work on an infrastructure project, which in turn affect living of several residents of Bharat Nagar.

The person opposing the project, Ahmedi is run over by a speeding van, which was a pre-planned murder. Police pass-off the case as a drunken accident, while adherent Shalini (Kalki Koechlin) knows about the murder. A bureaucrat Krishnan (Abhay Deol) is appointed to investigate the case. A local videographer Jogi (Emraan Hashmi) claims that he has evidence on the mishap.

The two male leads have strong characters in the movie. Jogi (Abhay) in the end had the option of solving the case or running away from home. In the end, he solved case in a very smart manner.

The movie is not a suspense-thriller as the murderer in known right from the opening scene. But the actual brain behind murder was known in the end. So the film is basically about the 3 protagonists trying to fight against the system.

Shanghai almost redefines Emraan Hashmi from his typical kissing characters and lover-boy image. You will see a new Emraan in Shanghai. Abhay Deol, as the South Indian, is brilliant as always in his role. Kalki Koechlin also impresses audience with her intensity in act. Farooq Sheikh also acts good as the scheming politician.

Shanghai is a movie for persons who wants to understand story and remain in their seats with their attention to details. It is not a movie for persons who wants to come to multiplexes for enjoyment. The movie is of short duration, around 1 hour 56 minutes. So persons watching movie will never get bored. On an all, Shanghai gets 2.9+ out of 5.

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